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  Organizational Compatibility

Holidays, special days and events
You can set aside days for company-specific events and national or local holidays, all according to your business needs.
Full flexibility in setting shift templates
With EZShift, you can organize the shift schedule templates according to your organizational needs. If immediate changes occur, you can change any component of the shift accordingly.
Outline employee function and qualification
You can organize employees and their shifts according to their qualifications and function. A simple color code helps you to identify these quickly.
Group employees by special work needs
You can group workers with similar needs (religious observances, long-distance commutes, etc). The shift scheduling interface automatically implements and incorporates the preferences of each group.
Employee Request Framework
With EZShift, you can define a clear policy for employee requests according to your company needs, which enables your employees to enter their long-term preferences and acute requests. Within the frame of your policy, your employees can enter their requests from anywhere, 24/7. Smooth, swift and EZ communication.
User definition
EZShift has different user levels for the shift manager platform: You can define who has the right to perform system changes, who has the authority to manage the shifts, who can enter the personal files of individual employees, etc.
Sets shifts according to different time parameters (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
The shift templates are fully flexible and fit all kinds of organizations 
Keeps standard patterns
It is possible to save different work patterns and to use them at specific days as needed
Defines the week’s start according to the day of your choice
You can define the first day of the week according to your operation 
Identifies shifts names
EZShift software enables you to use the same shift names that you and your employees used to

  Employment Regulations

Manages multiple shifts
With EZShift, you define what constitutes legal multiple shifts and when they are illegal. In case of the latter, you will be alerted by the built-in alert system. If you still desire to assign them, the software will allow you to violate your rule.
Adheres to rest and vacations periods
Your shift schedule will adhere to your rules regarding rest and vacation. This will prevent you from accidentally assigning shifts that violate company laws.
Distributes shifts equally
EZShift enables you to distribute the shift schedule in a fair and equal way.
Distributes shifts according to work agreement
The EZShift algorithm takes into consideration the right distribution of shifts between the employees according to the work agreement you made with the specific employee.
Regulates overtime

You can define a strict limit of overtime working hours.


  Management and Operation

Supports manual operations
EZShift allows you to manually set a shift schedule. Even in this format, your rules will be implemented in the system. You will be automatically informed if your choice violates your rules and can decide whether or not to allow the violation.
Analyzes and solves problems in real-time
EZShift reacts immediately and automatically to problems, such as the sudden absence of an employee (illness, urgent family matter, etc.). These problems will be visually displayed and instantly analyzed, which will enable you to consequently solve them in real-time.
Includes “advanced search option” and "rule relaxation"
You can overrule the parameters of your own system according to your needs.
Saves shift schedule for future use
The history of past shift schedules is saved in an archive.
Manages system’s settings
The shift manager has access to all the system’s definitions at hand: You can create and change rules with the click of a button and adapt the shift schedule to changing work burdens, all according to your specific company needs. Our interface doesn’t limit you in any way: It is a shelf system that enables the shift manager to adapt it to his needs. Should a problem still arise, then our customer service will be more than happy to assist you solving it.
Template change for special occasion
EZShift allows you to easily change the shift scheduling template on special occasions, like holidays.
Allows follow-up of individual employees
With EZShift's 'guidance' tools, it is easy to follow up individual employees
Automatic problem notification to shift manager
The 'check' tool will keep you updated with all problems light or severe
Tracks labor cost in real time
You can track labor cost while planning a future schedule and also for past and present schedules
Logs actual work hours
It is possible to enter the actual working hours on to the EZShift software 
Allows access from any location
EZShift available from anywhere at any time
Full Drag- and Drop-Options
EZShift is a simple to use software thanks to the 'Drag- and Drop' option
Right-click shortcuts
We made it easy to navigate and to find your way around the software


Hourly report
Detailed report of work hours.
Employee details report
EZShift enables centralized reports of all employees’ shift schedule, including a breakdown of each employee’s company details (name, shift schedule user name, number of shifts, functions etc.)
Log reports
Tracks all the changes made in the schedule
Shift schedules in different formats
You can choose the schedule-viewing format that is right for you
Employee request report
Detailed report of all requests 
Export to Pdf- and Excel-format reports
All reports could be exported on to Excel or PDF formats

  Scheduling Rules

Shift employee matching
EZShift helps match employees. The shift reflects preferences as to who should share a shift (members of a car pool) or who shouldn't (employees who don’t get along).
Rotates specific shifts
EZShift enables you to individually-set very specific shift rotations like a bi-weekly Sunday shift for example.
Limits number of shifts
The shift schedule interface allows you to set rules that limit specific shifts, like: two morning shifts per employee per month or no more than three consecutive night shifts.
Crew maker
EZShift allows you to set rules for either specific groups of employees (for example, no on-call shifts for commuters) or for the whole shift crew (for example, one graveyard shift per month).
Remembers “shift schedule history”
EZShift automatically implements past schedules: When you set the shift schedule, EZShift takes into consideration the history of each employee’s shift schedule
Distributes employees according to qualification and experience
EZShift schedules the employees according to their skills and levels 
Sets on-call shifts
You can define a specific scheduling policy to the on-call shifts
Sets shift priorities
It is possible to set a different priority for each shift
Outlines rules regarding weekend shifts, holidays, and other special days
A complete set of rules for rotation on specific days or shifts 
Sets rules for shift variation
You can create the right variation of shifts for each employee or group of employees

  Visual Options

Breakdown into four displays
With EZShift, there are different display possibilities which enable you to organize the shift schedule in a comfortable way and in accordance to the number of employees per shift.
Zoom-In feature of the shift schedule
EZShift enables you to zoom in and see the shift details for your desired time span (a day, 4 days, a week, months).
Various visual displays of shift schedule
With EZShift, you can set parameters and visualize the shift schedule accordingly:through easily identifiable color codes, through assignment of titles to shifts and through control of the physical location of the shift on the schedule.
Filters shift schedule
EZShift allows you to monitor specific features of the shift schedule according to a wide range of parameters.
Numeric breakdown
EZShift enables you to receive numerical data in a variety of schemes like the work hours per employee, work days per employee, workforce cost, daily labor cost, number of daily work hours, number of hours assigned to shifts, labor cost of each shift unit (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly) and the number of hours. The data regarding changes in the shift schedule is automatically updated and is immediately reflected in the schemes.
Visual display of employee requests
With the click of a button, the shift manager is immediately notified of employee requests through a visual display of the shift schedule according to the appropriate color-codes (similar to traffic lights: green = available, yellow = preferably not, red = not available).
Graphs all employees in any given hour
.Allow you to see the number of scheduled employees each hour

  Staff communication

Internal messaging system
EZShift enables an internal messaging system between the shift manager and the shift crew, as well as between the employees themselves.
Update, training and questionnaire system
With EZShift, you can instantly update the shift crew of company events and other urgent matters. Furthermore, you can organize training system and conduct company-internal surveys.
Shift swap system
With EZShift, the employees can coordinate shift swaps with each other through the shift employee platform. This will save you as the shift manager, time and effort. After they coordinate the swap, the request is forwarded to the shift manager who has the right to either confirm or veto it.
Online Contact sheet
A contact sheet is available on the employees' website.
Integrated Email communication
Internal messaging system is available for better communication
Integrated SMS
.It is possible for the manager to send text messages from the manager's platform
Employee request platform (24/7)
The EZShift website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Instant distribution and publishing of shifts to employees
With a click of a button the schedule is published on the employee's platform 
Permanent employee requests (university schedule, for example)
.EZShift software saves permanent requests

  Employee details

Tracks qualification, training and certification
EZShift allows you to track your shift employees by their skills, positions and qualification. This tracking system is equivalent to the above-mentioned color code system.
Saves details of individual employees
.You can view historic schedules of specific employees
Tracking birthdays
You can enter your employees' birthdays to the software, this way you will never forget to say "Happy Birthday"
Full flexibility in defining function
.You have full access to your schedule settings


User guide
A complete user guide is available 
Tool tips
On all of the important functions
On-line help
Available on the EZShift website
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