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"EZShift software helps me maintain my "open door" policy . It made the communication much easier."

EZ Shift – making shift scheduling EZ (since 2005)

EZShift was founded in 2005 by a group of computer engineers and shift scheduling experts whose aim was to find a software solution that would address the need for an easily installed and useable shift scheduling software as well as create a schedule that would reflect the specific needs of each company. Ariel Sagy, co-founder, recalls that the existing choice at the time was between "overpriced and complicated software or creating a schedule by paper and pen.” (Interview "The Marker”, 2009)

EZShift took up the challenge to create a shift scheduling software that is easy to use, that benefits the work force as well as the management, and that adapts to every shift-related issue at a very affordable price. Since our launch, our software has been used in many countries and industry sectors ranging from emergency services, aviation and health, to hospitality and retail.
Save time with ezshift employee schedule

We offer a free web conference where we will personally help you install the software.
Our customer service is at your service anytime you need it.
EZShift has made shift scheduling EZ.




Our vision:

We at EZShift have made it our goal to help you develop the shift schedule you need. We aim to provide individualized solutions for every company.
We have set our purpose to satisfy the needs of employees and management alike.
We have dedicated ourselves to developing a shift scheduling software that eliminates shift conflicts and scheduling mistakes.
We focus on a seamless workflow that enhances company productivity and employee fulfillment.
Do I need previous knowledge to operate your system?
No. EZShift is smart & simple: Its rule system reflects the very specific needs
of your company and the preferences of your employees. At the same time, it is
very simple to set up, use and to make changes.


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EZShift is the golden mean between the low end and the high end of shift scheduling software


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