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Is EZShift right for me/ my company?
EZShift is right for every company that operates around shifts. Our clients come from a large variety of fields, including hospitality, industry, customer service and many more. With EZShift, you can set your shift schedule quickly, easily and without mistakes or shift conflicts, and instantly update your employees' shifts online.
Do I need previous knowledge to operate your system?
No. EZShift is smart & simple: Its rule system reflects the very specific needs of your company and the preferences of your employees. At the same time, it is very simple to set up, use and make changes to.
Can my employees enter their schedule requests over the web?
It is EZ; each employee can enter his/her requests through the EZShift web portal whenever and wherever.
Can EZShift "understand" my scheduling needs?
Yes, EZShift will fit your specific needs. We have a team of experts that will be more than happy to guide you on how to get the most out of the software.
Does EZShift help me reduce mistakes?
Of course!  EZShift eliminates all mistakes due to its complete set of smart rules and alert system.  
Can I make manual changes to the schedule?
Yes, EZShift enables manual changes in the schedule; furthermore, it helps you find smart solutions and prevents you from making mistakes. Manual changes are made EZ using the 'drag and drop' capability.
Does EZShift schedule the employees automatically to their shift?
Yes, EZShift is an automatic shift scheduling software. EZShift takes into considoration the needs of the organization and the employee's job definition and availability.

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