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Modifying Schedules Shifts Settings

To Modify Schedules (Shifts) Settings:

  1. Select the Templates system templates pane in the Main window.

    Figure 4-37 Main Window


    The Weekly Schedule Template window opens.

    Figure 4-38 Weekly Schedule Template Window



    NOTE: In the Weekly Schedule Template window above, the fields in the Shift Actions pane are not activated, preventing modifying.

  2. Select the Day Shift Template in which the Shift to be modified is configured. (for example Wednesday).

  3. Select the Shift to be modified by placing the cursor on it and either either right or left clicking.

    Figure 4-39 Weekly Schedule Template Window


    The Shift Details pane is highlighted, and the fields in the Shift Actions pane are enabled.

    Figure 4-40 Weekly Schedule Template Window


  4. Select the Settings field in the Shift Actions pane or:

    Place the cursor on the Shift to be modified and left double-click, or place the cursor on the Shift to be modified>right- click>Shift Properties.

  5. The Shift Properties window opens.

    Figure 4-41 Shift Properties Window

6. Modify the required Shift Properties (to modify Shift Properties, see Configuring Daily Schedules (Shifts) Templates).
7. Click OK.

  The Shift Properties are modified, and the Shift Properties window closes.

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