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Adding an Employee to a Shift

Employees may be added to a Shift for various reasons, such as the need to re-enforce the staff due to unexpected circumstances.

To add Employees to a Shift:

  1. Check Employees Schedule Requests (see Reports Listing Employees who Placed a Request, Arranged in Alphabetical Order), in order to disregard Employees who have placed requests not to be assigned for the Shift (for example, an Employee who cannot be assigned that day due to a wedding).

  2. Select a candidate Employee for the Shift, from the Employees List.

    NOTE: Ensure that the Guidance tab is selected

    Figure 7-53 Schedule Window


    The selected Employees name in the Employees List is highlighted. The Schedule appears grey, highlighting Shifts that the Employees are assigned to, and displaying Employees Shift Requests, marked by Colored Lines.

    NOTE: Colored Lines: Each color signifies a varying degree of Employee compatibility to the Shift according to Employees Requests:

    Figure 7-54 Schedule Window


  3. Check if the selected Employee has placed a Text Message:

           a. Select the Text Message icon in the Schedule window.

Figure 7-55 Schedule Window


               A Text Message icon appears next to Employees in the Employees List, who have placed a Text Message.

Figure 7-56 Schedule Window


           b. Select the Text Message icon next to the Employees name in the Employees List.

               The Text Message appears at the bottom of the Schedule window.

Figure 7-57 Schedule Window


       4. If the selected Employee can be assigned (taking into account the above limitations), drag-down and drop the Employee from
Employees List to the required Shift in the Schedule.        
       5. If no Employees can be assigned, modify the Rules (see Relaxing Rules), and assign an Employee.
       6. Select the Publish tab.

The modified Schedule is published on the Employees Web Site (see Employees Web Site).

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