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Comparing Employees Shifts

Compare Shifts that Employees are assigned to, for example in order to compare the number and quality of Shifts that Employees are assigned to, to swap Shifts between Employees, and so on.

To compare Between Employees Shifts:

  1. Select an Employee from the Employees List of the Schedule window.

    The Employees name in the Employees List is highlighted. A Pin icon appears next the Employees name. The Shifts that the Employee is assigned to in the Schedule are highlighted, and the Employees Shift preferences appear in the Schedule.

    Figure 7-71 Schedule Window


  2. Select the Pin icon.

    The Employees Shifts are frozen.

  3. Select an Employee to compare with.

  4. The Employees name is highlighted in the Employees List, and the Employees Shifts are highlighted in the Schedule.

    Figure 7-72 Schedule Window



    NOTE: In the example above, the only suitable Shift that Amy Adams can replace Ava Gordon in, is the Tuesday Shift. The other Shifts are not suitable, as either they fall on days that Amy Adams is assigned to Shifts, or they fall on days when Amy Adams cannot be assigned.

  5. Drag-down the candidate Employee into the Shift.

    The Option menu opens.

    Figure 7-73 Schedule Window


  6. Select Replace With in the Option window (Ava Gordon in the above example).

The Employee is replaced, the numbers of Shifts that each Employees is assigned to in the Schedule is adjusted accordingly, and appears next to the Employees names.

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