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Configuring Employees Levels

To configure Employees Levels:

  1. Configure the Employees Position/Skill.

  2. Select View Levels.

    Figure 3-9 Positions, Skills and Levels Settings Window


    The Level pane opens.

    Figure 3-10 Positions Skills, and Levels Settings Window


  3. Select the Pencil icon in the required Type field.

    Figure 3-11 Positions, Skills and Levels Settings Window


    The Type box in the Description field opens.

    Figure 3-12 Positions, Skills and Levels Settings Window


  4. Enter the required Level (such as Experienced) in the Type box.

  5. Select the Check icon in the Description field.

Figure 3-13 Positions, Skills and Levels Settings Window


The configured Employee Level (Experienced), appears in the Description field of the Level pane.

NOTE: To add another Employee Level (such as adding the level of Executive), select Add New Level in the Levels pane, and repeat steps1-5 above. Adding another Level increases the organizations Shift options.

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