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Configuring Schedule Names

Configure the Schedule Title, for example Starbucks New York. The Schedule Title appears at the top of the schedule.

To configure Schedule Titles:

  1. Select Schedule Settings in the Main window.

    Figure 5-1 Main Window


    The Schedule Settings pane of the Main window opens.

    Figure 5-2 Main Window


  2. Select the Basic Schedule Settings field in the Schedule Settings pane.

    Figure 5-3 Main Window


    The Basic Schedule Settings window opens.

    Figure 5-4 Basic Schedule Settings Window


  3. Select the Schedule Name field.

    Figure 5-5 Basic Schedule Settings Window


  4. Enter the Schedule Title in the Schedule Name field of the Basic Schedule Settings window.

    The Schedule Title appears in the Schedule Name field of the Basic Schedule Settings window,                                                                                           and is displayed as the Schedule Title of the configured Schedule.

  5. Scroll down the Basic Schedule Settings window and select Save.

The configuration is saved, and the Data Successfully Saved message appears at the bottom of the                                                                                           Basic Schedule Settings window.

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