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Configuring Shift Names

To configure Shift Names:

  1. Select Schedule Settings in the Main window.

    Figure 5-78 Main Window


    The Schedule Settings pane of the Main window opens.

    Figure 5-79 Main Window


  2. Select the Shift Names and Categories field in the Schedule Settings window.

    Figure 5-80 Main Window


    The Shift Names and Groups window opens, the Shift Names pane opened as default in the Shift Names and Groups window.

    Figure 5-81 Shifts Names and Groups Window


  3. Select Add New.

    Figure 5-82 Shifts Names and Groups Window


    The expanded Shift Names pane window opens.

    Figure 5-83 Shifts Names and Groups Window


  4. Enter the required Shift Name in the Name field, for example, Morning.

    Figure 5-84 Shifts Names and Groups Window


  5. To deny Employees Requests regarding the Shift, check the Unavailable for Employees Requests box.

  6. To allow Employees Requests regarding the Shift, do not check the Unavailable for Employees Requests box

    Figure 5-85 Shifts Names and Groups Window


  7. Scroll down the Shift Names and Groups window, and select OK.

The expanded Shift Names and Groups window closes, and the configured Shift Name appears in the Shift Names pane of the Shift Names and Groups window, the Shift Unavailable for Employees Requests box checked, if selected.

Figure 5-86 Shifts Names and Groups Window


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