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Configuring Shift Requests

Shift Requests include the Types of Employees Requests.

To Configure Shift Requests:

  1. Login to the Employees WebSite (to login to the Employees WebSite, goto the staff WebSite).

    The Main tab of the Homepage window opens.

    Figure 11-50 Homepage Window



  2. Select the My Preferences tab.

    Figure 11-51 Homepage Window


    The My Preferences pane opens.

    Figure 11-52 Homepage Window


  3. Select the Type of Request from the Type menu. Each Type of Request is marked by a different color.

    Figure 11-53 Homepage Window


  4. Stand on the selected Shift in the Schedule, and click.

    The selected Shift is marked in the color of the relevant Type of Request, and the Type of Request appears in the Shift.

    Figure 11-54 Homepage Window


  5. Optional:

  1. Select the Add Free Text Note field to explain the reson for the Request, for example, explain why it is not possible to work the Monday day Shift.

    Figure 11-55 Homepage Window


  2. The Add Free Text Note text box opens.

    Figure 11-56 Homepage Window


  3. Type the Explanation for the Type of Request in the Add Free Text Note text box.

    Figure 11-57 Homepage Window


  4. Select Save Requests.

The Requests Saved confirmation note appears in the My Preferences pane.

Figure 11-58 Homepage Window


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