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Configuring The Double Shifts Name

To configure The Double Shifts Name:

  1. Select Schedule Settings in the Main window.

    Figure 5-158 Main Window


    The Schedule Settings pane of the Main window opens.

    Figure 5-159 Main Window


  2. Select the Doubles Shifts field in the Schedule Settings window.

    The Double Shifts Settings window opens.

    Figure 5-160 Double Shifts Settings Window


  3. Select Add New.

    Figure 5-161 Double Shifts Settings Window


    The expanded Double Shifts Settings window opens.

    Figure 5-162 Double Shifts Settings Window


  4. Enter a Description of the Double Shift in the Description field (for example, Morning and Evening).

     Figure 5-163 Double Shifts Settings Window


      5. Scroll down the window and select OK.


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