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Customer Details

Configure Customer Details from the Customer Settings tab in the Welcome pane of the Main window.

Figure 10-1 Main Window


To Configure Customer Details:

  1. Select the Customer Settings tab in the Welcome tree of the Main window.

    Figure 10-2 Customer Settings Pane



    The Customer Settings pane opens.

    Figure 10-3 Customer Settings Pane


  2. Select the Customer Settings field in the Customer Settings pane.

    Figure 10-4 Customer Settings Field


    The Customer basic settings window opens.

    Figure 10-5 Customer basic settings Window


  3. Enter the Company Name in the Name for debit field.

  4. Enter the Company Address in the Address field.

  5. Enter the Administrator e-mail address in the Administrator e-mail field. The Administrator will use this e-mail address for sending and receiving e-mail messages from the Employees, and from the system.

  6. Upload the Company Logo in the Upload logo pictures field. The Logo should be a bmp file, image size 135*95, with a white background.

To Upload theCompany Logo:

  1. Click on Browse in the Upload logo pictures field.

    The Choose File to Upload window in MS Windows opens.

    Figure 10-6 Choose File to Upload Window


  2. Select the Company Logo from the relevant file.

    The Company Logo is uploaded, and the Choose File to Upload window closes.

   7. Select the arrow in the Version field.

       The Version drop-down list appears.

Figure 10-7 Version Drop-down List


   8. Select the relevant EZShift Version value.

       The Version drop-down list closes, and the selected version is displayed.

   9. Scroll down the window with the scrollbar in the right hand of the window.
 10. For Payment Issues, follow the link provided.
 11. Select Save.

Figure 10-8 Version Dropdown List


The Customer Details are saved, the Version dropdown list closes, and the Customer Basic Settings window is displayed.

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