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Deleting a Shift in the Day Shift Template

To delete a Shift in the Daily Template:

  1. Navigate to: Main>Templates.

    The Weekly Schedule Template window opens.

    Figure 4-69 Weekly Schedule Template Window


  2. Select the Shift to be deleted from the Day Template pane.

    Figure 4-70 Weekly Schedule Template Window


    The Employee List in the Day Shift pane is highlighted, and the values in the Shift Actions pane are enabled.

    Figure 4-71 Weekly Schedule Template Window


  3. Select Delete Shift in the Shift Actions pane.

    Figure 4-72 Weekly Schedule Template Window


    The Confirmation window opens.

    Figure 4-73 Confirmation Window


  4. Select OK.

The Confirmation window closes, and the Shift is deleted from the Day Shift template.

Figure 4-74 Weekly Schedule Template Window


IMPORTANT: The Shift deleted as shown above relates to one type of worker only as defined in that Shift, for example, the manager. The same Shift must be deleted for each type of worker in order to delete for example, a morning Shift.

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