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Deleting All Employees from All Shifts in the Day

To delete All Employees from All Shifts in the Day:

  1. Select the relevant Day in the Schedule in which All Employees will be deleted from all Shifts.

    The Day toggle in the Schedule window is highlighted.

    Figure 7-92 Schedules Window


  2. Select the Day toggle.

    The Day Shift Option menu opens.

    Figure 7-93 Schedules Window


  3. Select Remove Employees from the Day Shift Option menu.

    The Authorizations window opens.

    Figure 7-94 Authorizations Window


  4. Provide the Administration Password and click OK.

    The Confirmation window opens.

    Figure 7-95 Confirmation Window


  5. Select OK.

    The Confirmation window closes, and the Warning window opens.

    Figure 7-96 Warning Window


  6. Select OK.

The Warning window closes, and All Employees are deleted from All Shifts in the selected Day.

Figure 7-97 Schedule Window


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