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Deleting Shifts

Delete Shifts that are not compatible with specific Schedule requirements.

Delete Shifts in either of the following manners:

Standard Procedure

To delete Shifts by Standard Procedure:

  1. Click on the Shift which is to be deleted.

    The selected Shift, and the Shift toggle in the Schedule window is highlighted.

    Figure 7-17 Schedule Window


  2. Select the Shift toggle.

    The Shift menu opens.

    Figure 7-18 Add New Shift Menu


  3. Select Delete Shift from the Shift menu.

    The Confirmation window opens.

    Figure 7-19 Shift Properties Window



  4. Select OK.

The Shift is deleted from the Schedule.


To delete Shifts by Right-Clicking:

  1. Select the Shift which is to be deleted, and right-click.

    The Shortcut menu opens.

    Figure 7-20 Shortcut Menu Window


  2. Select Delete Shift from the Shortcut menu.

Figure 7-21 Shortcut Menu Window


The Shortcut menu closes, and the Shift is deleted.

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