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Send messages to Employees via E-Mail. Employees E-Mail details are configured in Employees Details (see Configuring Employees Details).

To Send Messages to Employees via E-Mail:

  1. Select the Communicate tab in the Schedule window.

    Figure 9-8 Schedule Window


    The Communicate dropdown menu opens.

    Figure 9-9 Schedule Window


  2. Select E-Mail from the Communicate dropdown menu.

    The E-Mail window opens.

    Figure 9-10 E-Mail Window 


  3. Select the Employees Group that will receive the E-mail in the Recipients pane of the Internal Message System window. The following Group options are available:

    NOTE: All Employees is selected as the default option.

    Figure 9-11 Internal Message System Window 


  4. Type the Message in the Text Box pane of the E-Mail window.

  5. Select OK.

The message is sent to the selected Employees Group via E-Mail.

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