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Importing Schedules Shifts Templates

Once a template for a Day Shift is configured (see Configuring Daily Schedules (Shifts) Templates), it can be imported (by copying) into other Day Shift templates, creating weekly Schedules, saving time and ensuring consistency.

A template can be copied and then modified according to requirements.

To import Shifts:

  1. Navigate to Main>Templates.

    The Weekly Schedule Template window opens.

  2. Configure a template for a Day Shift, such as the example below, configured for Monday (to configure Day Shifts, see Configuring Daily Schedules (Shifts) Templates).

    Figure 4-31 Weekly Schedule Template Window


  3. Select the Day Schedule Template to be configured, from the menu in the Weekly Template Schedule window (for example the Tuesday Schedule Template, as shown below).

    Figure 4-32 Weekly Schedule Template Window


  4. Select the Import shifts field in the Template Actions pane.

    Figure 4-33 Weekly Schedule Template Window


    The Select Template window opens.

    Figure 4-34 Select Template Window


  5. Select the arrow in the field.

    The Day Template dropdown menu opens.

    Figure 4-35 Day Template Dropdown Menu


  6. Select the required Day Template value from the Day Template dropdown menu (only a day whose shifts templates have been configured).

  7. Select OK.

The selected Day Schedule (Shift) Template is imported and configured as the Day Schedule (Shift) Template for the relevant day (such as the configuration for the Tuesday Day Template, imported from the Monday Day Template as shown below).

Figure 4-36 Weekly Schedule Template Window


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