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Internal Message System

Send messages to Employees via the Internal Message System.

To Send Messages to Employees via the Internal Message System:

  1. Select the Communicate tab in the Schedule window.

    Figure 9-4 Schedule Window


    The Communicate dropdown menu opens.

    Figure 9-5 Schedule Window


  2. Select Internal Message from the Communicate dropdown menu.

    The Internal Message System window opens.

    Figure 9-6 Internal Message System Window 


  3. Select the Employees Group that will receive the message in the Recipients pane of the Internal Message System window. The following Group options are available:

    NOTE: All Employees is selected as the default option.

    Figure 9-7 Internal Message System Window 


  4. Type the Message in the Text Box pane of the Internal Message System window.

  5. Select OK.

The message is sent to the selected Employees Group via the Internal Message System.

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