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Modifying Double Shifts

To modify Double Shifts:

  1. Select Schedule Settings in the Main window.

    Figure 5-193 Main Window


    The Schedule Settings pane of the Main window opens.

    Figure 5-194 Main Window


  2. Select the Doubles Shifts field in the Schedule Settings window.

    The Double Shifts Settings window opens.

    Figure 5-195 Double Shifts Settings Window


  3. Select the Pencil icon.

    Figure 5-196 Double Shifts Settings Window


    The expanded Double Shifts Settings window opens.

    Figure 5-197 Double Shifts Settings Window


  4. Modify the requested Double Shifts values in the same manner as configuring Double Shifts values. To configure Double Shifts values, see Configuring Double Shifts.

  5. Click OK.

   The expanded Double Shifts Settings window closes, and the modifications are saved.

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