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Relaxing Rules

Rules can be relaxed in order to assign Employees, who cannot be assigned according to the configured Rules, to a Shift.

To relax Rules:

1. Select the Search tab in the Schedule window.
    The Rules to Consider pane of the Schedule window opens.

   The Rules to Consider pane contains the following fields:

2. Uncheck a Rule from either Basic or Special Rules.
    All Employees limited by the unchecked Rule are now released, and can be considered for the vacant Shift.

Select the Results tab.
    The Results pane opens, displaying Employees available for the vacant Shift after removing the selected Rule.

If no employees are displayed in the Results pane, select the Rules to Consider tab in order to return to the Results to Consider pane.

Uncheck the next Rule from either Basic or Special Rules, according to the Organizations priority, and repeat the steps 2-4 as mentioned above,
     until a list of Employees appears in the
Results to Consider pane.

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