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Replacing Day Shift Templates

Replace Day Shift Templates by Importing Day Shift templates, without having to configure the Day Shift Template from start.

NOTE: All Shifts in the selected Day Shift template are replaced, not specific Shifts in the Day Shift template.

To import New Day Shifts Templates:

  1. Navigate to Main>Templates.

    The Weekly Schedule Template window opens.

  2. Select Import Shifts from the Template Actions pane.

    Figure 4-44 Weekly Template Schedule


    The Import Shifts window opens.

    Figure 4-45 Import Shifts Window


  3. Select the arrow in the field of the Import Shifts window.

    The Day Shifts Templates dropdown menu opens.

    Figure 4-46 Day Shifts Templates Drop-down Menu


  4. Select the required Day Shift Template value from the Day Shifts Templates dropdown menu.

  5. Select OK.

The Import Shifts window closes, the new Day Shifts Templates are imported and replace the previous Day Shifts in the Weekly Schedule Template window.

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