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Replying to Messages

Reply to messages received.

To Reply to Messages Received:

  1. Login to the Employees WebSite (to login to the Employees WebSite, goto the staff WebSite).

    The Homepage opens, the Main tab selected as the default tab, and the Inbox field selected as the default field option.

    NOTE: Select the Inbox field if it does not open as the default option when the Main tab opens.

    Figure 11-11 Homepage Window


  2. Open the required Message in the Inbox pane of the Main tab.(see View Incoming Messages).

  3. Select the Reply tab.

    Figure 11-12 Homepage Window



    The Message window opens.

    Figure 11-13 Message Window


  1. Type the Message Title in the Title field.

  2. Check the Urgent box, if applicable.

  3. Type the reply in the Message pane.

  5. Click Send.

The reply is sent and the Message window closes.

NOTE: The Reply can also be forwarded to Recipients other than the original Sender, by checking the boxes next to the required Recipients names in the Recipients pane.

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