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Request to Receive a Shift

Request a Shift from a co-worker without giving one in return.

To Request a Shift from a Co-Worker Without Giving One in Return:

  1. Login to the Employees WebSite (to login to the Employees WebSite, goto the staff WebSite).

    The Main tab of the Homepage window opens.

    Figure 11-42 Homepage Window


  2. Select the My Schedule tab.

    Figure 11-43 Main Pane


  3. The Swaps System pane opens.

    Figure 11-44 Homepage Window


  4. Select Take a Shift in the Swaps System pane.

    Figure 11-45 Homepage Window


    The Take a Shift field opens.

    Figure 11-46 Homepage Window


  5. Scroll down the Swaps System pane to the Schedule, and select the required Shift to receive from a co-worker, by standing on the Shift and clicking.

    Figure 11-47 Homepage Window


    The selected Shift to receive from a co-worker appears in the Take a Shift field.

    Figure 11-48 Homepage Window



  6. Select Send.

The Request to Receive a Selected Shift is sent to the selected co-worker. The Request to Receive a Selected Shift appears in the Swaps field of the Main tab (see View, Accept or Reject Shift Swap Requests).

NOTE: To cancel the Trade Shift Request, select the Click here to Cancel the Request option.

Figure 11-49 Homepage Window


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