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Shift Priority

To configure Shift Priority as a Shift Type:

  1. Select the arrow in the Filter Type pane of the Day Filter window.
  2. The Filter Type drop-down menu opens.

    Figure 5-233 Filters Window


  3. Select the By Display Priority value from the Filter Type drop-down menu.
  4. The Filter Type drop-down menu closes, the By Display Priority value appears in the Filter Type pane, and the From Priority and To Priority fields appear in the Filter Type pane.

    Figure 5-234 Filters Window


  5. Enter the required From Priority value in the From Priority field.
  6. Enter the required To Priority value in the To Priority field.
  7. Figure 5-235 Filters Window


  8. Select OK.

The expanded Filters window closes, and the Shift by Display Priority Type value appears in the Filter Type pane of the Filters window.

Figure 5-236 Filters Window


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