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Shift Rank

NOTE: To configure Shift Ranks, see Positions Skills and Levels.

To configure Shift Ranks as a Shift Type:

  1. Select the arrow in the Filter Type pane of the Day Filter window.
  2. The Filter Type drop-down menu opens.

    Figure 5-216 Filters Window


  3. Select the By Shift Rank value from the Filter Type drop-down menu.
  4. The Filter Type drop-down menu closes, the Shift Rank value appears in the Filter Type pane, and the Minimum and Maximum fields appear in the Filter Type pane.

    Figure 5-217 Filters Window


  5. Select the arrow in the Minimum field.
  6. The Minimum drop-down menu opens.

    Figure 5-218 Filters Window


  7. Select the required Minimum Rank value from the Minimum drop-down menu.
  8. The Minimum drop-down menu closes, and the selected Minimum Rank value appears in the Minimum field.

  9. Select the arrow in the Maximum field.
  10. The Maximum drop-down menu opens.

    Figure 5-219 Filters Window


  11. Select the required Maximum Rank value from the Maximum drop-down menu.
  12. The Maximum drop-down menu closes, and the selected Maximum Rank value appears in the Maximum field.

  13. Select OK.

    The expanded Filters window closes, and the Shift Rank Type value appears in the Filter Type pane of the Filters window.

    Figure 5-220 Filters Window


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