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Standard Procedure

The Standard Procedure to replace an Employee in a Shift with another Employee enables the Organization to view all Employees details before making a decision to replace the Employee, including all available Employees, degree of availability, and their requests regarding the relevant Shift.

To replace an Employee in a Shift by Standard Procedure:

  1. Select the Guidance tab.

    Figure 7-58 Schedule Window


  2. Click on the Employees name, who will be replaced, in the Employees List.

    The selected Employee is highlighted, all the selected Employees Shifts are highlighted in the Schedule, while all other Shifts in the Schedule are greyed out.

    Figure 7-59 Schedule Window


  3. Select the Shift in the Schedule, in which the Employee is to be replaced.

    Next to all Employees in the Employees List of the Schedule window appear the following details:

    A Colored Box:

    Each colored box signifies a varying degree of Employee compatibility to the Shift according to the configured Rules:

    A Colored Line:

    Each colored line signifies a varying degree of Employee compatibility to the Shift according to Employees Requests:

    Figure 7-60 Schedule Window


  4. Drag and drop the Employee to be replaced, from the Schedule, into the Employees List.

  5. Drag-down and drop a suitable Employee from the Employees List into the relevant Shift.

  6. If no Employees can be assigned, modify the Rules (see Relaxing Rules), and assign an Employee.

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