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Configuring, Editing and Deleting Schedules Templates

Configure Schedule Templates containing the basic Shift information, from the Templates field of the the Main window.

Schedules (Shifts) are configured on a daily and weekly base.The program default Templates contain the days of the week. Templates can be added or deleted according to the organisations requirements, such as the addition of a template for a holiday Shift.

The amount of Shifts in a day, the type of Shift, the hours of each Shift, the number of Employees in a Shift, their positions in the organisation and so on, are all easy to configure. Day Templates can be copied, saving valuable time and effort.

Do not modify Schedule Templates for specific events that entail one-off adjustments, such as modifying a Shift to allow employees to participate at the annual company picnic. To apply specific changes to a Schedule, see  Configuring, Modifying and Deleting Schedules.

This section includes:

Configuring Daily Schedules Shifts Templates
Importing Schedules Shifts Templates
Modifying Schedules Shifts Templates
Deleting Schedules Shifts