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Template Settings

Configure Schedule Templates containing the basic Shift information, from the Templates field of the the Main window.

Schedules (shifts) are configured on a daily and weekly base.The program default templates contain the days of the week. Day Templates (foe example Monday, Tuesday and so on) can be copied, saving valuable time and effort.

Do not modify Schedule Templates for specific events that entail one-off adjustments, such as modifying a shift to allow employees to participate at the annual company picnic.

Template Configurations include:

Configuring a Day Template

To Configure a Day Template:

1. Select the Templates field in the Main window.
     The Template Schedule window opens.

Figure 1-5   Template Schedule Window


2. Select Add New Shift.
    The Shift Properties window opens.

Figure 1-6   Shift Properties Window


3. In the Working Hours pane of the Shift Properties window, configure the following values:

4. In the Employees pane of the Shift Properties window, configure the following values:

Importing Day Templates

Once a template for a Day Shift is configured, it can be imported (by copying) into other Day Shift templates, creating weekly Schedules, saving time and effort. For example, after creating a template for Monday, copy the Monday template for the rest of the days of the week.

To import Day Templates:

1. Navigate to Main window>Templates. 
The Weekly Schedule Template window opens.

Select the Day Schedule Template to be configured, from the menu in the Weekly Template Schedule  window (for example the Tuesday Day Template, as           shown in the graphic below).

Figure 1-7   Weekly Schedule Template Window


3. Select the Import shifts field in the Template Actions pane.
The Select Template window opens.

4. Select the arrow in the field.
The Day Template drop-down menu opens.

5. Select the required Day Template value from the Day Template drop-down menu (only a day whose shifts templates have been configured).
Select OK.
The selected Day Schedule (shift) Template is imported and configured as the Day Schedule (shift) Template for the relevant day.

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