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Automatic Employee Scheduling Benefits
EZShift offers an employee scheduling software for all sized businesses. Our schedule software automatically generates the complete weekly/monthly shift schedule for your team. EZShift scheduling software does it all for you! EZShift is a smart, easy to use and reliable employee scheduling solution for any business work schedule. Here are a few of our advantages:
Automatic employee scheduling
Smart & simple rule engine
Complete error elimination
Real time conflict solving
Friendly & self-customizable interface
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We at EZShift believe that any staff scheduling solution, as automatic as it may be, depends on the complete understanding of the company policy. Our customizable rule system is what sets us apart from our competitors – find an organizational need our system cannot solve and receive 3 months for free!
Personal care during the implementation period
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Most employee scheduling software allows you to set and update your work schedule. EZShift scheduling solution enables schedule management on the highest levels, both through manual and automatic employee scheduling. The schedule generator sets employee shifts according to your specific organizational needs and considers employee preferences due to its smart & simple rule system, which eliminates errors and shift conflicts completely.
EZShift makes employee rotation quick and easy thanks to its workforce management and automatic updates, crew scheduling, swap system, operational reports, training and questionnaire applications.
You can organize the shifts according to a weekly schedule, bi-weekly schedule or a monthly schedule.
Shift scheduling is a major factor in many industries like healthcare, hospitals, food service industries, emergency services, factories, call centers, retail stores, and high-tech companies. In all of these industries many issues are involved in the roster of the work schedule like multiple shifts, shift rotations, fair shift distribution and many more.
EZShift can handle it all!
Try out our employee scheduling software now!

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